And Beyond

by Pardesi PN


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

AND BEYOND…a seafarer’s saga

AND BEYOND… is a journey of the author’s experience, balancing life between professional, personal and materialistic attributes of responsibility, and the unseen reality of what Life is all about.

Taking guidance from the profound scriptures available around us, and going by their mysterious and remarkable spiritually charged environs and their message, the author has decimated the same into his Quest, thereby reforming his co-ordinates to accept and confirm to the ultimate Wisdom, and its relevance.

About the Author

Pardesi PN has been in the Merchant Marine, serving on Ocean-going ships as an Engineer Officer.Growing up in a family aligned to some Spiritual Societies, spiritual endeavor began at an early age.

Having a keen interest to participate in Engineering Projects led him to involve in Civil,Electrical and Environmental Engineering issues outside his professional domain, learning the tenets of social derivatives and reaching out to the limitations of governance.

Travel has remained his fundamental passion, and continues to pursue his Spiritual Quest.

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