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Author Name: Tanvi Bhide | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

You break that emergency glass,

and you let the unrest be released ,

and you let this onslaught of emotion

surround everyone around you.

This is who you are.

This is who you are bound to become.”

Poems are the most eloquent way of telling your truth. This is my truth.

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Tanvi Bhide

Tanvi was a shy, quiet little girl, but inside her was an avalanche of words and emotions that rose, which finally found a release in these poems. A resolute teenager, she knew what she wanted and it was never a handsome boy or an expensive gift but always the freedom to do as she pleased.

She is an intensely creative young person. Instead of pursuing a more profitable career like her parents, she has chosen the uncertain world of writing, be it poetry or fiction. Being a graduate of Mass Media, she trained to learn the tricks of selling ideas. Mumbai set her free and she is spreading her wings in the vast horizon of the city that offers her talents exciting opportunities. She is just flexing her literary muscles and looking to train to be a heavyweight in the world of literature.



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