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Author Name: Sahira Mahesh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

A journey through the depths of just another human soul with this poignant anthology. One can explore the intricate tapestry of sorrow, loss, and the raw emotions that define the circle of life. From tear-stained pages to the quiet ache within, these poems offer solace to those who seek comfort in the beauty of sadness. Step into the warm embrace of nostalgia where you wander down memory's winding paths, where echoes of the past linger like cherished melodies.

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Sahira Mahesh

Sahira Mahesh is a 16 year old student in Delhi Public School R.K. Puram. She is a poet and wordsmith who has poured her heart and soul into the art of verse. Drawing inspiration from the beauty of everyday moments and the depths of emotion, she has woven words into tapestries of feeling, inviting readers to explore their own inner landscapes through the power of poetry.

Sahira invites you to journey through the pages of this collection and immerse yourself in the world of emotions, memories, and reflections that only poetry can paint.