by Avinash


Type : Paperback

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Summary of the Book

Ayaam is a thought-provoking collection of poems that has a blend of not only political, religious, social and patriotic subjects but has also touched upon sensitive issues such as the poor state of Indian farmers. The poetic creations have been presented through a common man’s point of view. With simple yet emphatic words, the poems also have a social message.

Use of historical events, Sufi couplets and phrases with a dash of black humor is the major highlight of Ayaam.

About the Author

Avinash is an emerging writer who writes on diverse subjects with ease. The touch of Hindustani, Sufi and Punjabi reflect prominently in his writings. He owes this touch to his upbringing in a small town in Punjab, where usage of Sufi couplets, proverbs and Punjabi phrases was very common.

Avinash holds a post-graduate degree in Business Management from a reputed B-School. He has worked in various renowned Telecom organizations in India and abroad. Writing poems is his passion, and he writes in Hindi, Punjabi and English. He lives in Mumbai with his wife and two children. Ayaam is his maiden venture.

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