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Beat the stress by Getting Through better

Author Name: Abhishek Iyer | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Do you feel people around you are always stressed? In fact, are you always stressed around people? But we are social beings. Why would people stress us out when we should really be happier around them? 

It’s not the people but our interactions with them that stress us out. It all results from the expectations we go in with and the ones we are up against in each interaction. 

Reducing this stress is simpler than you would think. Start by understanding the basics of the game of expectations. 

Getting through to people and helping them get through to you is not only a good thing, but it is also probably what we need to do to start living better.  



·         People talking to you the way you want them to

·         People listening to you – really listening

·         People getting what you want and you getting what they want 

·         Not feeling like being in the middle of an emergency all the time 

·         Having just the right amount of information and no more – every time

·         Being on the same page with people around you 

Now let’s get it done.

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Abhishek Iyer

Abhishek Iyer is an entrepreneur, with his experience areas being in user experience design, technology solutioning, and life skills coaching. He has spent over a decade and a half in designing and developing solutions for businesses and enterprises. Abhishek has worked with a multitude of businesses, helping them overcome their challenges by improving their technology and processes. Through all of this, his primary focus area has always been getting people to work better together by understanding the dynamics of people behaviour. Abhishek runs, which is based out of India and is focused on helping people communicate better on the whole and live more relaxed, fulfilling lives while going about their chosen personal and professional paths.



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