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Beware or Bewail

by Ngounibou Thiumai

Format: Paperback

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Like all sophisticated weapons or tools, choice can be utilized both for hurting and healing, dismantling and building, splitting and joining, or tearing and repairing. Factually, heaven or hell, life or death, victory or defeat, are simply a choice away. Beware or Bewail is primarily intended for those who are craving to: discover the incredible power of choice; understand when and why they make wrong choices; receive priceless principles on how to loathe good choice and cherish the best, and avoid making decisions that bring irrevocable heartache.

Ngounibou Thiumai is a professional speaker and youth counselor. He is actively engaged as resource person in numerous youth and adult seminars and camps. As a theological graduate, he has taught in Theological Seminaries for almost eight years. He currently works as Associate Pastor in Chil Chil Baptist Church and he is also teaching Christian Apologetics and Greek language to students at Chil Chil Baptist College and Seminary in Imphal. Preceding this, he worked as College Chaplain and lectured theology at Kerala Baptist Bible College, Kottayam.



Beware or Bewail





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