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Book of Hope

Author Name: Arvind Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Letters & Essays | Other Details

The author, Arvind Kumar owing to severe speech impairment caused by Autism, wanted to communicate with a diverse audience. The mode of communication with his audience was through a Question and Answer format. The audience would put him a question, which he would then attempt to answer. His answers range from the deeply philosophical, to the humourous, and sometimes, also with a childlike candour saying "I do not know". The renowned guest speakers who spoke at the book launch were unanimous in their praise for the author, calling his book a work of genius. This book offers a window to society into the mind of an autistic person, and what all autistic people can achieve. Hopefully, the book will inculcate in society empathy and the sense of inclusiveness for the specially-abled.

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Arvind Kumar

Arvind Kumar, autistic and speech impaired, defied societal apathy by schooling himself by unconventional means and communicating his learnings via a computer keyboard from a young age of 5. He displayed remarkable language skills very early, expressed through his diverse writings.

He is currently being schooled at Gurukulam, an institution for the specially-abled. He can be reached at