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Caste, Class and Colour A True Understanding of Manusmriti

Author Name: K V Vishwanathan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

The Hindu Dharma (known as Hindu religion by the west)  has been the subject of many a debate over the ages. Some scholars do not agree with the interpretation of others.

In such an environment, Vishwanathan ignites the curiosity of the common man about Hinduism and shares information on how the caste and class need to be understood through the Upanishads resulting in a true understanding of  the Manusmriti.

Vishwanathan clears the air about all misinterpretations that are commonly available to us, by referring to the ancient texts, explaining and analysing it for us. A very interesting read, to say the least.

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K V Vishwanathan

K V Vishwanathan (Vish), a Holistic Coach and a Business Consultant is a graduate in commerce and law and a post graduate in applied psychology.

That aside, he was always intrigued/interested in Indian mythology as a child which slowly lead/evolved to a passion on the Vedas and their application and implication in our everyday lives which further lead to his deep dwelling and research on the same. He began to understand that there was something beyond the word ‘mythology’.

This was further fuelled by his meeting his Guru, Shri H Parameshwaran Iyer, an engineer by profession and a teacher of Vedas who has been the most important catalyst in leading the path from mythology to the Vedas and not just the outer surface of chanting them but the inner meaning   of why, what and how?

In the journey Vish learnt that a better understanding of Vedas (the contextual meaning of)  is possible only through a thorough knowledge of Sanskrit and he went on to pursue learning the Grammar of the language as well as Vedanta to understand the finer nuances of the rich texts and the learning continues…..

His chief endeavor in life is to break the myth about  our ‘Puranas’ and ‘Itihasa’ and to confirm that they are not meaningless mythologies or absurd Indian history but technical commentaries on Vedas.  He wants to emphasise to the society that learning Vedas (particularly the Uttara part of the Vedas aka Upanishads/Vedanta) lead to a better quality of life for all and not as normally misinterpreted to do something with religion.