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Circling the Sun

Author Name: Tanmay Kulkarni | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Vincent, like his namesake, loves the stars and sky more than people and is trying to feel less lonely and make sense of it all through his stories. Venus and Olivier, although having circled the sun a similar number of times are grappling with opposite ends of parenthood. When they start writing letters to each other, they extend an invisible arm of comfort but are they the strangers they believe themselves to be?

How to not damage a child? Is it possible? What makes a fulfilling life? Is love enough? Can one ever be not lonely? Are questions that the characters grapple with, each on their own journey around the sun, each feeling like a hero in their stories but controlled by the gravity of all around them, setting them on predetermined paths.

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Tanmay Kulkarni

Tanmay Kulkarni is an aspiring law student by day and a weaver of stories by night. He has always been fascinated by Philosophy, psychology and the human condition and explores these themes through his writing. He has previously published a short story collection, Fading Stars and Circling the Sun is his debut novel. He lives in Pune, India.