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Coronavirus has taken all of us by surprise. No one had expected that this kind of epidemic is soon becoming a pandemic and will affect almost every area of human activity and endeavour. As economic slowdown is facing us in our faces, more and more governments of the world are encouraging private sector employers to allow their employees to work from home. However, working from home brings forward its own distinctive legal policy and regulatory issues. 


In this book, I have sought to identify some of the important and more significant legalities and also legal, policy and regulatory nuances that all stakeholders need to keep in mind in the coronavirus age, whether it be private institutions, organizations, companies, employers and employees. 


In this book, I have sought to collate not just some of the more significant legal issues and parameters, pertaining to Work From Home in coronavirus age but have also sought to encourage all stakeholders to think differently innovatively and in a futuristic manner. 


The coronavirus crisis will blow away after some time. However the learnings that will be obtained by stakeholders in the context of working from home in the coronavirus age, will instead contribute to evolving jurisprudence pertaining to working from home across the world. 




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Dr. Pavan Duggal


Dr. Pavan Duggal, is the Founder & Chairman of International Commission on Cyber Security Law. He is also the President of Cyberlaws.Net and has been working in the pioneering area of Cyber Law, Cyber Security Law & Mobile Law. While a practicing Advocate, Supreme Court of India, Dr. Pavan Duggal has made an immense impact with an international reputation as an Expert and Authority on Cyber Law, Cyber Security Law E-commerce law.


Dr.  Duggal has been acknowledged as one of the top 4 Cyber Lawyers around the world.


WDD [World Domain Day] recognizes him as one of the top 10 Cyber Lawyers around the world.


Pavan is also heading the Artificial Intelligence Law Hub and Blockchain Law Epicentre.  


His empanelment as a consultant to UNCTAD and UNESCAP on Cyber Law and Cyber Crime respectively, membership of the AFACT Legal Working Group of the UN / CEFAT, consulting as an expert with the Council Of Europe on Cyber Crime, inclusion in the Board of Experts of European Commission’s Dr. E-commerce and his work as an expert authority on a Cyber Law primer for E-ASEAN Task Force and as a reviewer for Asian Development Bank speaks volumes of his worldwide acceptance as an authority.

Pavan conducts 20 different online courses at Cyberlaw University, whichhave been subscribed by more than 16,800 students from 165 countries, speaking 46 national langauges with excellent ratings.