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Design Thinking Playbook for Practitioners

Author Name: Society Of Design Thinking Professionals Publication | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Most of the people think Design Thinking is a Creative Problem Solving technique however for us at Society of Design Thinking Professionals Design Thinking is a way of life, the applications of Design Thinking is goes beyond mere solving a problem at work. The core of Design Thinking is Human Centred. It is a non-linear, iterative process which encourages its Practitioners to challenge their assumptions, refine, recreate, repurpose their user understanding and come out with something which is better and innovative solution. You always look at the human need behind the innovation. Design Thinking looks at Desirability, Viability and Feasibility aspects of the solutions generated.  Deep Dive into the world of Design Thinking and lets create a better tomorrow. 

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Society Of Design Thinking Professionals Publication

Jimmy is member of Forbes Coaches Council, is a certified coach in Transformational Neurocoaching, Clifton StrengthsFinder & Builder Profile 10 by Gallup. He earned his master’s Degree from Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode & is a Research Scholar. A Certified author of Bestseller “Design Thinking for Startups” and is the founder of “SEQUEL” and “Society of Design Thinking Professionals” & “Strengths Coaching Society” 

He is also Founding member of Leadership Excellence India Chapter Harvard Square, Boston, USA. He is an SME in NPS & Lost Dutchman Gold Mine simulation. With close to 24 years of experience distributed across - 10 years in Manufacturing, Strategic Sourcing, Sales and Marketing and 14 plus years as an entrepreneur in the domain of Building people capabilities, Consulting across multiple industries (IT, ITes, BFSI, Engineering, Manufacturing, Telecom and Hospitality) he has made significant contributions at various stages of the maturity curve for different kinds of companies, from start-ups to well established multinationals. 

He is an avid drum player, a keen sports enthusiast – a long distance runner and an amateur Tennis player.  His top five strengths are – Positivity – Maximizer – Communication – Woo – Activator.



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