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Discover Yourself Unleash Your Inner Energy To Achieve The Purpose Of Your Life!

by Mahatab Mullan

Format: Paperback

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If you are looking out for purpose, peace, love, success and happiness in life, then this book is for you. It tells you how you can uncover the inner energy to help you achieve your purpose and goal in life. The book is full of short stories with messages that can make the concepts more simple and clear for one to understand, relate and practice. The read is easy and enjoyable and touches some very basic principles and guides you to achieve what you dream. It reveals some answers to questions that are frequently asked by most people that science has failed to answer. The techniques explained only help one to achieve his/her dreams with ease. The book encourages you to tap your inner energy to guide you and show you the path to be taken and travelled. The ride is bumpy and the read mysterious, yet the journey is enjoyable and intriguing. It is a life-transforming reading for one and all. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!

Mahatab Mullan was born in South Mumbai and has been a survivor of near-death experience. She has been able to achieve some major and minor goals in her life by invoking the inner energy, focus and dedication. She managed to write this book during her free hours and even late into the night; all this when she was also working as the director of a company. She is an avid traveller and an ardent observer of people’s behavior and culture. She loves arts and abstract creation, and believes in finding perfection in imperfection. Her education includes hotel management, MBA in marketing from leading institutes. She has over two decades of experience in behavioral training and development. In her journey, she has transformed many lives and the mission still continues.



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