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Ennui... #FeelingsUnchained

Author Name: Niru Rose | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

"ENNUI" is a feeling of listlessness & dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation (or) excitement according to a standard dictionary. On the contrary I discovered inspiration & excitement in it.

"ENNUI..." is a collection of quotes, prose & poetry that's born out of boredom targeting the raw emotions & concepts of life that are never questioned.

I've put this together in hopes of giving you comfort at times when you have nobody & to inspire you to create at times of ennui.

So, if you're ever feeling bored then pick up ENNUI... & discover the beauty hidden in it.

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Niru Rose

Niru Rose AK A Nirup Rosario, a poet, writer, doodlen engineer, &, an UlUX designer based in Tamil Nadu, India

Self describes as “An Emotional Fool with -a Hopeless Heart" (It may sound so negative to most of you, but for the very few out there you'd know the hidden meaning within.

Someone with an endless love to comfort those in need & to inspire people to change for the better.

Discovering the ability to do both in an elegant form called poetry. After successfully publishing 5 anthologies in the past couple of years.

Debuting the first collection of Niru Roses’s poetry “Ennui…”