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Author Name: N. Krishnamurthy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details
This collection of six papers on workplace accident investigation and prevention within a legal framework – known as ‘Forensic Engineering’ – represents the work of Dr. N. Krishnamurthy, involving teaching, consultancy and research into various aspects of workplace safety and risk management in USA, India, and Singapore. Summarizing his personal experience with cases and projecting them on the backdrop of classical and not so well known examples around the world, the book covers the following six themes: Principles of forensic engineering Investigative methods in forensic engineering Computer methods in forensic engineering Experiences as an expert witness Professionalism in forensic engineering Ethics in forensic engineering Written in a casual and chatty style and avoiding technical jargon, the essays should be of interest not only to students and practitioners of forensic engineering but also to the casual reader who is new to and curious about this exciting field.
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N. Krishnamurthy

Dr. N. Krishnamurthy (known locally and cyberspace as 'Prof Krishna') is an 87-year old semi-retired professor and presently free-lance consultant and trainer, now focusing on workplace safety and risk management, accident investigation, and such exciting stuff! Born in Bangalore, India, as a child and boy he spent 10 years in Burma (now Myanmar) just before the Second World War – remembers air-raid trenches being dug behind houses and the whole township and vehicles blacked out at night. Did his BSc and BE(Civil) and started teaching Civil Engineering in India. Received Gold medal in English. Was free lance journalist to English language newspapers and magazines. Did his MS(CE) and PhD in USA (CU at Boulder), and after working out his bond in India, moved to USA. Was Professor at Auburn U, Vanderbilt U. and then Professor and Chair at UAB. Worked summers and consulted for Oak Ridge National Lab. Spent in all about 17 years in USA. Then after 8 years in National University of Singapore, returned to India, did part-time university teaching while running a computer academy, from 1988 to 1999. Back to Singapore, Prof Krishna started teaching, training, research, and consultancy, publishing books and papers, mostly in workplace safety and risk management. As of 2018, he has published over hundred technical papers and 20 general papers, five technical books and six general books. Patented an invention on risk management in Singapore and Australia. and another invention on scaffold and formwork in Singapore (-- pending in Australia). A third invention on preventing falls from level is in the works. It is his wide and deep experience in forensic engineering that he shares with the readers of this book. He loves music and photography. More about Dr. Krishnamurthy may be found in his website: