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Eventide Best of Unheard Melody

Author Name: Kruti Desai, Divya Padhiyar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

The book is a reflection of the need of the day to expose the contemporary picture of society which nowadays inclined toward technology, practice to remain much intellectual, follow narrow thought practice and stay aloof from nature. As an expecting outcome to lead technocrat robots to get rid to be pseudo-beings toward their journey enforcing to remain a genuine one. The book will left the readers with a certain question to rethink on such matters in many ways. This collection of poetry will be suitable for every age group as the content is designed by the authors in such a way.

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Kruti Desai, Divya Padhiyar

Author 1: Kruti Desai: 

Kruti, an emerging poet who started her journey from creative ways with inclusion in inquisitive topics. She is much interested to direct her mind to create the contemporary pictures like societal matters, nature integrity, satire on limitless expectations, psychological needs of beings and many more in her poems. Poems which express thoughts of multitudes. Thus she believes the poem is the best channel to expose the medium to get rid from technical inclination to involve in art of writing which can inspire the art of living. Though she is a professor at one of the Engineering College where one needs to be technocrat and strong involvement in digital world somehow, many a time, she finds it much worth to get lost in writing poems and playing with words to get out of robotic controlled thought process; to delve deep into imaginary sublime.

Author 2: Divya Padhiyar:

Divya, a poet by heart and a professor by her profession, tied up with her poetic passion & indulgent to create a beautiful piece of art. She believes that it’s important to stay connected with Art not for the sake of making someone reputed or focused but to live with the genuine leaning toward the ecstatic feeling of get involved. Her poems are the best example to express the deep morality and her indirect expectations from society.