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Evolution and Growth of IIM Calcutta and Me A BRIEF HISTORY OF IIMC FROM 1960 TO 2013 (UPTO 50TH BATCH)

Author Name: Akshoy Kumar Singha | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

"Step into the intriguing world of 'EVOLUTION AND GROWTH OF IIM CALCUTTA AND ME.' This narrative spans five decades, tracing the institute's remarkable development and its personal significance.

Backed by meticulous research and the memories of early faculty members and interviews with pioneering students, the book unfolds in three sections:

In the first, we explore the institute's beginnings, its ascent to international recognition, and the introduction of pioneering programs. The narrative delves into the institute's resilience amid diminishing central grants.

The second section uncovers contemporary challenges, including complex crises, government interventions, and the intricacies of reservations in the Postgraduate Program (PGP) and Fellow Program in Management (FPM), as well as faculty reservation.

In the final section, we celebrate the institute's vibrant activities and academic achievements, complemented by my unique perspective from thirty-six years of dedicated service.

'EVOLUTION AND GROWTH OF IIM CALCUTTA AND ME' is a testament to unwavering dedication. This work unravels a story of transformation, perseverance, and the lasting impact on both the institute and my personal journey."

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Akshoy Kumar Singha

The author, hailing from a remote village near Tata's abandoned Nano Car factory in Singur, Hooghly, embarked on a remarkable journey of learning. After his early education in the village school, he pursued a Bachelor's degree in Science from Calcutta University. His academic quest continued with a Master's degree in Economics from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata.

Eager to expand his knowledge, he completed a one-year Certificate Course in Statistical Methods and Applications at the prestigious Indian Statistical Institute (ISI). He further honed his skills in programming and electronic computer applications during a ten-week course at ISI.

In 1974, he began a 36-year journey at IIM Calcutta, contributing to both the Emerald Bower and Joka campuses. His collaborations included working alongside eminent professors and directors on various projects. The author is a published writer, with articles featured in both Bengali and English newspapers. His intellectual pursuits extended to national and international seminars, where he presented papers in cities like Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and New Delhi. Notably, more than a dozen of his working papers have been published by the Institute.