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Face Yoga With Me

Author Name: Alexandra Papanikolaou | Format: Paperback | Genre : Health & Fitness | Other Details

Healthy, glowing skin doesn’t start with products! Did you know that there are more than 100 different exercises for the face alone? This book has more than that! It contains exercises, Hatha asanas, massage and relaxation techniques, all for the face. Face yoga is a practice that works directly on your facial skin, muscles, nerves, tissues and cells. With regular practice, your skin will get smoothened, relaxed, strengthened, stimulated, toned and lifted. 

Whether you want to practice face yoga as a part of a therapy, while recovering from a facial condition or simply for aesthetic reasons, this book is a comprehensive guide with everything you need to start your journey. Alexandra Papanikolaou demonstrates all the techniques that will benefit your physical body to a great extent, looks and overall wellbeing. Combine these methods with a healthier lifestyle and nutrition to watch your face glow and look as youthful as it can be.   

Alexandra Papanikolaou, is a Face Yoga Coach and Author of the book:

Pre-Postnatal Yoga With Me (New Delhi: Notion Press, 2023)

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Alexandra Papanikolaou

Alexandra Papanikolaou was born in Athens, Greece in 1980. She has completed her MSc in Management Consultancy (2005) from Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) and BA in Interdisciplinary Human Studies (2001) from Bradford University (UK). After having worked in various companies at senior level positions in United Kingdom, Greece and Qatar, her life path led her to New Delhi, India in 2014, following her husband’s career path. 

During her student years in the UK she was introduced to Yoga and Pilates and followed them as a practitioner from then onwards. Since shifting to India, yoga became a way of life for her. Over the past years, she has devoted herself to yogic studies and has been certified with 18Hrs Face Yoga, 24Hrs Aqua Yoga, RYT 500Hrs, RPYS 85Hrs Pre-Post Natal, RYS 200Hrs, Level 1 Yog Nidra, 4Hrs Kids Yoga. 

After her successful debut book, Pre-Postnatal Yoga With Me, she was encouraged and decided to share more of her knowledge with her readers with this book, Face Yoga With Me. The book she plans to write in the future is about her yogic experiences and their benefits.



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