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Failure Of Education System Deep, Dark, Truth & Facts

Author Name: Anubhav Shrivastava | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

"After all, why did this book affect the lives of 5000+ of students".

The stories written in this book are based on true events. The purpose of writing this book is to tell this clearly. How can we improve our life without depending on anyone like "education system". 7 steps have been given in this, which will affect your life in this way. which completely changes After all, why is the education system so poor, why are we all not able to see its reality. This education system does not give us any guarantee of success. It is only engaged in making the students workers like robots.
If we talk about the school system, then many questions arise in our mind. As per Records in the last several years 2009 - 2018 India Bengaluru: Twenty-eight students on an average committed "suicide" every 24 hours during 2018, according to a 'National Crime Records Bureau' data analysis. This year's figure. Over 10,000 was the decade's highest. December 31, 2018, 57% killed themselves in the past five year, including 10,159 in 2018, the data revealed.So there are many such questions. The answer to which is not certain.

"You're not just buying a book, you're buying a secret that you don't fully know".


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Anubhav Shrivastava

Hello, I'm Anubhav Shrivastava You Know Also (Anubhavauthor) ! - And I'm A Self Help Author & Life Coach.

Actually it was 2 years ago. My best friend whose name is Kartik. He asked me Going for a walk somewhere. Means somewhere on such a trip. But I didn't have money at that time. And some time ago my situation was like this. Spending the whole day with your friends, partying all the time. And was leading a very useless life. Sometimes too much anxiety and sometimes stress. All these things were in life. But then I and kartik remembered. That we had another friend whose name was sam. He used to party a lot like us earlier. But just recently 2,3 weeks ago. He had come to visit dubai. So I told kartik. Man, he is a friend of our company, who is studying with us from college. From where did so much money suddenly come on him? Kartik told me that he had met sam a few days back. sam told him that he is a digital marketer. And from that he has earned more than $ 10,000 in the last 7 months. I got choked after listening to kartik. Kartik told me that he keeps on learning things online, he is also a book reader. I didn't know the meaning of these things. I was shocked.

From that day onwards this curiosity got fixed in me. How did he earn so many $? I learned a lot from that time. I made many mentors from different fields. Learned many different things from him. I also started my own online startup which was related to watches. But alas he did not go. But I learned many things from the experience of that time. And then my earning was started through so much learning. And all my old bad habits were also gone.

Then I thought I should not keep these learnings and experiences confined to myself. It would be wise to share them with others.

Then I chose Books which was a better way. To reach out to those people and new learnings that enable them to truly see their life as a clarity. That's why I decided that I will tell you the life experience learning of others, and my own learning through the books written by me. I myself will go and meet people and write their life experience in the exact same book as they said.

And then I decided to become an author, a valuable author. Whose deep valuable life experiences learnings reached you.

♡ Anubhavauthor ~



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