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Ferocity Navigating Future Careers Through Halo Skills

Author Name: Nalin Kumar Singh | Format: Hardcover | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

Role models like Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Steve Jobs possessed timeless qualities that set them apart, inspiring generations. This book delves into what makes these figures extraordinary. What traits, skills, and habits did they display to captivate our imagination? Can we apply these lessons in our own lives?

This book introduces ‘Halo Skills’—multidimensional abilities that transcend traditional skill sets. Discover the essential attributes required to excel in the evolving job market of tomorrow.

Ferocity is more than a book; it’s a strategic guide for navigating future employment landscapes. It dissects the changing nature of work and new corporate rules, emphasizing the necessity of challenging norms and stepping out of comfort zones. The future belongs to those ready to embrace change.

This book offers actionable strategies and real-life examples, drawing on extensive career experiences to showcase Halo Skills in diverse global scenarios. Its engaging, accessible writing invites readers into a conversational experience.

For professionals aiming to stay competitive, students aspiring to impactful careers, and leaders fostering innovation and resilience, Ferocity is an indispensable resource. Its insightful perspectives and practical advice make it a mentor in printed form, essential for preparing for future careers.

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Nalin Kumar Singh

Nalin K. Singh is a leader in preparing individuals with "Skills for Future Jobs." With over thirty years of experience across India, Asia, Europe, and the US, he has held influential positions, including CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Transitioning to entrepreneurship, he has navigated the highs and lows of founding startups.

Singh's practical, no-nonsense approach is reflected in his writing and mentorship. He frequently speaks and writes on education, skills development, and the startup ecosystem, making him a sought-after advisor. He has authored four non-fiction books, including the bestselling Reboot to Reconquer and Get Funded Now.

His insights into demystifying complex situations for leaders have made him a respected voice and a much sought after advisor. Singh also serves on advisory boards of leading corporations and provides coaching to leaders, celebrities, and startup founders.

Singh’s engagement with literature extends to fiction as well; he has co-authored four novels: TripTease, Mooncircles, Cafe Morgan and Lotus Brahma. He also contributes to the global media house Transcontinental Times and hosts weekly shows on entrepreneurship. 



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