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Fisherman Short Stories

by Subimal Palit

Format: Paperback

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It is a story of man who lived for 80 years. Wide experience that he got from mixing varieties fabric in society prompted him to offer the wide range of readers. He has crossed through insight in human rhythm in real day events. It is true story experienced in his life. He hopes readers will enjoy the rhythms as crosses one to other.Title Fisherman Short Stories is a unique events in his life gather for 20 years and his acquaintance with supernatural spirit , Nancy who could not leave Bhimli after death. Author had intimate understanding love with shadow shape, not ghost.

Other stories, Linda made mark in his life. His third lover sacrificed her married life but strangely married after 20 years at Paris. Strange is the fate. It was his 2nd marriage!

Subimal Palit was born in 1932 at Rangoon, Burma. He has seen the start of the World War II and the division of India. A qualified Textile Engineer, after a short spell of service in an American jute mill, he joined an R&D institution where he had opportunities to work on UNIOD and UNDP projects. This has given him the opportunity to travel widely through USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, France, China and Bangladesh.



Fisherman Short Stories





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