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Focused Minds

Author Name: Debajit Kataki | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

You are the most important project you will ever work on!!

No matter what job you have, there is a good chance that you’ll never run out of tasks. Imagine the ‘hamster wheel’, you will find yourself constantly caught up in a relentless cycle of being busy, racing against time, and yet having a feeling as if you are running in the same place, and in circles. Needless to say, the constant influx of distractions adds to that complexity.

Productivity and efficiency decides the speed of your success, otherwise you will always feel overwhelmed, fatigued and exhausted. If you do not learn to exonerate yourself from this negative cycle, you will soon develop symptoms of low confidence and feel under the hammer. 

This book contains many of tried-and-tested yet easy methods along with some amazing strategies that will help you sharpen your focus. This book can help you understand mindset issues, help you identify your prodigal and pernicious time wasting habits, human psychologies affecting your productivity, so that you are able to use your time wisely to be able to accomplish your goals quickly and meaningfully.

This book can immensely benefit students, working professionals, and anybody who needs to master the day and thrive!

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Debajit Kataki

Debajit Kataki has held various leadership positions in reputed international organizations over his 20+ years of journey in the field of Software Engineering. He holds a Masters in Computer Science and 3 US patents due to his various technical innovations. 

Throughout his career, the author has been passionate about productivity and finding ways to optimize his and his team’s excellence which requires skills beyond just technology. 

The Author says - “In this world of distraction, you will be beating yourself up, or eventually fade if you do not invest in these learnings early in your career. I have hired, groomed and led hundreds of engineers, and in my observation the most common thing that prevents them from being productive is distraction. Most of the time these engineers are just orbiting around tasks instead of landing on them."

The author's own experiences in this field motivated him to put his knowledge into a useful framework and led him to the idea of his debut book, ‘Focused Minds’.