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Four Seasons of Life

Author Name: Niveditha SJ | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

"Four Seasons of Life" serves as Niveditha SJ's second poetry collection. While her first book, Nidhi, was a collection of poems from her adolescent years (ages 10 to 15), this compilation encapsulates her creative output over the past four years. Exploring a diverse array of subjects and emotions, Niveditha adeptly expresses herself in both English and Hindi. The titular poem, draws parallel between life's journey and the changing seasons. She captures the essence of innocence through mundane experiences like bus rides and school days, while delving into more complex themes of freedom and financial concerns and evoking the vigor of youth. Interwoven with her affection for mythology, select pieces in the collection resonate with deeper layers of meaning, as seen in the Hindi poem, "Pativrata," which poignantly reflects on the impact of societal norms, even on figures as prominent as queens. Despite its simplicity, Niveditha's writing skillfully unravels dimensions in the reader's mind, inviting introspection.

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Niveditha SJ

In a conventional world, Niveditha stands out as someone truly unique. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in English Literature. With a passion for languages and history evident from a young age, Niveditha's interests extend beyond poetry to encompass reading, writing, and indulging in classic black-and-white cinema. Notably, her YouTube channel offers a fresh perspective, exploring the histories of everyday objects, from pencils to perfumes. Deeply entrenched in mythology, she seamlessly integrates these ancient tales into her writing. As she aspires to impart knowledge to young minds, Niveditha's journey is characterized by a profound curiosity and a commitment to sharing her passion with the world.



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