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FREESIA The Unputdownable Love Stories

Author Name: Anirban Bera | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

What do you think, nothing is important in life except money? Why you earn money? Because you want to gain your property and it’s required, right? So friend, getting true love is equally necessary to be the winner of the conclusive race of life.
Is it verily necessary to know someone's past before falling in love? What if an Escort is your beloved? The society’s answer will be ‘find a fair, uncorrupted person.’ I’ll say not to glance at the eternal law book of life. Because, love does not belong to any section of the law. Some of us are in search of their half and few are afraid of losing a loved one. Some say ‘WE ARE DONE’ and very few people choose the path of repairing. Briefly, each love is unique and its happiness depends on your way of thinking. Like, every darkness is not so lucky to smear the cordial-kind lustre of a full moon, in the same way, not every love has consequences.
So, dear pal, in this corrupted world, to keep your heart away from the fictitious tale of the society and to welcome you in the white world of love, here is presenting the collection of Unputdownable love stories, FREESIA.

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Anirban Bera

Anirban Bera is a 17-year-old writer, was born on 21st August 2003 in West Bengal, India. He is an award-winning professional magician and has been showing his magic tricks for more than 9 years. He is a commerce student and wants to be a businessman. His main aim is to explain complex thoughts in very catchy language. He wants to play with thoughts, showing little art in the folds of language. He writes both in English and Bengali to reach a lot more people.

His writings have already been nominated as ‘Admirable’ and ‘Outstanding’ in International essay competitions. His several writings have already been published by Indian Periodical, Weavermag, Storymirror etc. His sky of dreams is bigger than reality.