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Future History

Author Name: Rajan P Guruvanshy | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Most of us have no or short history. If you have doubts, then try to recollect the names of your forefathers. You might stop with your great grand fathers name. There is a limit to most of our past. It remains unrecorded, hidden or wiped out. Hence won't it be beneficial for your grandchildren if we consciously leave them something to remember us.

The Subject presented in the book is to succeed in today’s market driven economy and leave a legacy for your future generations. The book focuses on your inherent qualities which lay hidden suppressed for over a 1000 years which the Author tries to awaken.

More specifically, the substance of the book deals with our own traits, both independent and inter dependent. Self-realization of them can be harnessed in the new realm of history making. The writings are eye openers for reengineering one self and succeed in the market.


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Rajan P Guruvanshy

Dr. Rajan P Guruvanshy is presently engaged as Director, Centre for Enterprise Development, No. 8, SCT Nagar, Chalakushy road, Thiruvananthapuram-695004. He can be contacted at Mob: 9947945325 and email: dr.rajansng@gmail.com

He is a student of Economics and taught the subject and worked as Economist in Apex Banks in India. Future History is his second literary work. The first one was a historical novel, The Leftover, showcasing a few traits on teaching of Lord Buddha still surviving in Indian Sub-continent from where His faith was uprooted. His forthcoming book is on Lord Ayyappa: Faith, Myth & Market.

His aim is to empower the less privileged and handhold them to the market, where the new order is in operation. He feels that they missed earlier two buses and they should board on the new bus, – the bus on fast run to the market.