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Galactic Zero Hour Revelation of the only remnant

Author Name: Jiya Biswas | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

Three girls who were really close and studying in a high school when there was a sudden stop to it. It turns out that the chairman of the school, who happened to be the head of NASA and the father of one of the friends went missing. Her mother became ill, and the chairman’s daughter didn’t know what to do. Her friends strive to take matters into their own hands and decided to find the whereabouts of the chairman.

They approached Nasa headquarters for a possible solution and questioned the chairman’s assistant who is secretly collaborating with his opponent. They set out on a wild goose chase to Australia where they were traced by criminals. The mystery aggravated. Will they find the one who's missing? Or will they be imprisoned themselves?

Paperback 185

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Jiya Biswas

Jiya Biswas is a sixth grader who, by the age of nine, wrote approximately 150+ short stories, dozens of poems and this plot. She is a real bookworm and tends to discover books of all kind upon which she frames feedbacks. This helped to find her own kind of write and encouraged her to unearth her place in the writing world.