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Gandhi? Who's That? Though nominated five times, how and why the Nobel foundation ignored him! And 64 other hardly known but should know articles

Author Name: Jaison Chacko | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

Since late 2011, the author has been writing and posting an article on every first of the month in a blog of his own named as ‘Musings from Doha’. Commencing with an eulogistic article titled ‘Adios Chatten’ on the unexpected demise of his own brother, the blog started to concentrate on varied topics-practical tips in  presentation, negotiations and business management skills based on own first hand exposures -learnt through a metamorphosis of a small firm to a large corporate over a time, on India’s contributions to the world-ancient and modern which even fellow Indians didn’t know, world events which took place but went unnoticed by most, scientific world, travel…all with the signature views of the author. Slowly but steadily the readership of the blog at increased to over 300,000 from 106 countries as it stands now, again something the author never expected. This is when it was decided to go for a paperback and kindle editions as well.

“What surprises me is that now you have become a full-fledged writer, writing marvelous articles on many topics...”



“I always like your offbeat articles that others do not write about. A big thumbs up to you, a true Indian patriot...”


“I love such enlightening information and you write it so entertainingly with your wisdom and perspectives, it is refreshing to read your writing, so different from what is the norm...”


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Jaison Chacko

The author is a retired professional in corporate business management for more than three decades, well exposed in international business, headquartered in Doha in the state of Qatar. A qualified engineer in civil services in India, he left the comforts of the government service on his own and joined the private sector, that too a small firm in the early 1980s in a foreign country. Over the years, the firm grew to a large corporate, even to the level of being awarded the best national company in 2013 in Qatar, while the author could grow from a project engineer to a successful corporate CEO.

Rather than the material wealth acquired during the tenure, which was the basic aim of switching countries, the author considers that his exposure and experiences, both good and bad, has made him take a fresh but different perspective at the world he has seen. Professional struggles and challenges including dealing with innumerable intricate situations, multi level negotiations, regular briefings and high level decision making, close interactions with multiple nationalities, the rigours of frequent business travel have all made the author into the person he is today. This book is a collection of his articles on varied topics of interest for readers of any age group.



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