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Gem of a Soul A Guide to Rebooting Your Mind and Being Your Best Version

Author Name: Vishal Kumar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details

The book is a rare amalgam of Spirituality, Leadership and Growth which is an essential pre-requisite for anyone desirous of making an impact and being inspirational at work places or family fronts. The author offers many a counterintuitive stance to some of the most commonly (mis)understood myths and axioms about leadership, competence, character, health, wealth, success, stress and many more, often convincing you to give a deep re-look & curious re-thought about what it takes to be the most impactful, inspirational and a humble leader you wish you had and can be. The anecdotes, illustrations and experiences shared with an added dollop of historical perspective have been carefully handcrafted to inject an everlasting dose of inspiration to anyone belonging to any organisation. The insights and practices shared in this book about leadership and building a team are simple & yet strikingly pervasive across all organisations. Each chapter has been crafted to give a fillip to a particular trait of your personality which entail tangibles like Physical Fitness, Work Efficiency, Work-Life Balance and more importantly, the intangibles which are less talked of but are more crucial like Gratitude, Humility, Willpower, Passion, beating Addiction, Anger Management, Selflessness, Self-esteem, Manifestations and habits that enable you wire in all of these into your character. All this and much more to drive home a simple point – Leadership is much more than professional competence and Growth is much beyond natural talents. It’s a book, rather, for an ordinary man with extraordinary dreams and visions. Get ready for a perspective overhaul. Get ready for growth. And above all, get ready for transformation into your best versions. 

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Vishal Kumar

Vishal Kumar is currently serving as a Major in the Indian Army. He is an alumnus of Sainik School Bijapur (Karnataka), National Defence Academy (Pune) and Indian Military Academy (Dehradun) and hails from Bangalore. Having been raised in the environs of discipline, honesty and unflinching obedience for over two decades, he is a strong proponent of Impactful Leadership Vis-à-vis Enforced Leadership or Dictatorship. He also believes that leadership has more to do with ‘Blooming where Planted’ rather than vying for ranks or titles to make an impact.