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Get the Grip on your life 10 little things that make you a better person

Author Name: Karthikraj Raviraj | Format: Paperback | Genre : Self-Help | Other Details
Life cannot be pleasant to us always. When adversity knocks our door how do we respond? Your reactions to that situations decide who you are and what is your true character. Life doesn’t give you the second chance to prepare yourself. We should learn to be spontaneous. Get the grip on your life will help you to get hold of the things which happen within you. What happens within us is the most important than what happens around us. There are 10 little things which are discussed in this book. These can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day life, which helps to make you a better person. Upon completion of this book, You will start feeling the change in you and you will get the grip on your life !!
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Karthikraj Raviraj

I am Karthik. I read books, write blogs and do graphic design. " Sharing is caring..." I am a strong believer of this quote. I grow up by seeking inspirations from the world. It helps me and impact my life. And so, I always prefer to share my inspirations, my thoughts, my learnings and experiences to outside world. This is what I consider as a sole purpose of my life and this book-get the grip on your life- also an outcome from the above stated purpose. I figure out my passion on graphic design very lately, but never regret for it. The sense of happiness I gets when I follow my passion is something I couldn't receive in any others jobs I do. It has been 3 years, I have started writing blogs. Initially I write blogs on blog name rkrofficial. But when I publish my 50th blogs in rkrofficial, I decided to take my blog to next level and launched my new website named I pick one topic each month and write blogs on the same. Blogging is the trigger point for this book. Get the grip on you life is the my First book. And I am happy for me!