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God's Invisible Signature The Ultimate Evidence

Author Name: Gautam Bagchi | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Does God exist? Has anyone seen God? Since the earliest times, human beings have been looking for answers.

How did we all come into existence? How the universe was created? Where did the laws of nature come from? How the life forms have appeared and the intelligent life evolved? How did the human mind develop such skills to understand the hidden mathematics behind the invisible laws of nature?

Probably, there is no way to know the truth also. As truth sometimes is beyond us even in mathematics, can we interpret the great mathematician Kurt Gödel, and say that we would never be able to know the ultimate truth, i.e. the cause of the creation of the universe from within it.

Scientific knowledge empowers us to solve the mysteries of nature, at the same time it teaches us that more mysteries are there which are beyond our imagination; we must be open to the idea of completely new possibilities!

Many other indications provoke thought among many scientists, whether the universe appears to have been designed specifically for human life? This book tries to explore if at all it is possible to find such answers, to know the ultimate truth.


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Gautam Bagchi

A graduate Electronics & Communication Engineer ( NIT, Warangal), Gautam Bagchi hails from a family that’s deeply steeped in literature and arts. Born and brought up amidst the natural beauties of Assam, he has vivid childhood memories of visiting his paternal and maternal ancestral houses in the remote villages of Assam. Passion for theoretical physics and astronomy was imbibed from his childhood; as the history of scientific discovery and even human curiosity itself is indebted to the night sky, glittering sky at dark nights used to create awe in him, mysteries of the universe used to fascinate him. During later part of his life, he was more inclined to many philosophical aspects of life, especially the relationships between science and spirituality was an area he wanted to foray, his debut book is perhaps a manifestations of such realizations towards life.