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God System Game What If Our Minds Are Indeed Controlled by an “Evil Genius”?

Author Name: Sujith Ittan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Is there a personal God? Do Carl Jung’s description of synchronicities mean that we are perhaps in a computer simulation? Can impossible coincidences, dreams, visions and revelations mean that there is indeed a personal God? Is it possible that this personal God was misunderstood? In this book, God System Game, the author explores the unverifiable and unprovable subjective experiences human minds are capable of, and he imagines our reality. If we are indeed in an illusory world with our human minds being controlled by an evil genius deceiver, what is this deceiver’s motivation? What is the purpose of our simulation? Who are the creators of our simulation and what do they want from us? If any of these curiosities excite you, you should read this book. 

This book explores the Bible and Vedanta for clues and leaks from the creators of our simulation. We also find clues to what a soul could be and answers to oft-asked questions.

What does an afterlife mean? What if reincarnation is true? Could UFOs be visual synchronicities? What if astrology is true? How can we reconcile a merciful personal God and the existence of evil and suffering in our world? And why did the simulation give the author a synchronicity about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars?

You can explore the author’s imagination on these wide-ranging topics and more. Even though the author does share his imagination and his answers, this book should raise questions in your mind that only you can resolve. Excited?

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Sujith Ittan

Sujith Ittan is an engineering graduate and an Information Technology services professional. He lives with his family in Bengaluru, India. In addition to his day job, he is passionate about his hobbies; he actively updates the digital art library on his TV App, PixArt Gallery. This book, God System Game is his first foray into writing.

To write to the author, visit www.godsystemgame.com