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Green Racing A Case Study of South Korea – The Energy Story of a Manufacturing Powerhouse

Author Name: Prof. Kim Changseop | Format: Paperback | Genre : Technology & Engineering | Other Details

This book tells the story of the future that has already started. Climate change issues are events that have already occurred in our past but will have a more profound impact on our future. However, we cannot solely listen to the words of environmentalists. Their radical theories may potentially kill industries and further devastate human life. Proper preparation for a crisis turns it into an opportunity. Homo sapiens have already overcome numerous climate change issues, but modern industries must coexist. We must overcome the factors that hinder this coexistence. This book defines these adversaries and provides concrete solutions to overcome them. It will have a significant impact on the future of India, which is emerging as a manufacturing powerhouse.

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Prof. Kim Changseop

Prof. Changseop is a university professor and scientist specializing in industry and energy in South Korea. There exists a generation known as the ‘586 generation’ in South Korea. It refers to people who were born in the 1960s, attended university in the 1980s, and who are currently in their 50s. This generation coincided with Korea's industrialization, which began in the 1960s; they were also the generation that achieved democratization in the 1980s. In the veins of this generation flows an eternal hunger for success. Having experienced the rapid changes in the industrialization process, Prof. Kim Changseop has become an energy and climate change expert for this transformative generation. Based on his experience and science, he offers concrete plans on how to prepare for the future in the face of climate change and environmental hazards, which represent a new global order.



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