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Hebrews, Jews & Jesus / - -

Author Name: Satyajeet A. Setumadhavan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

Hebrews, Jews & Jesus is not just a book but a dream conceptualized a decade back. The purpose of this book is to enlighten readers about the history of the Holy Bible. The book starts with the genesis of the world and it ends with the crucifixion of Jesus. It takes the reader further through the ancient Mesopotamian civilization where the Hebrews practiced their monotheistic faith. The book put everyone on a memorable journey with the enslaved Hebrews, their deliverance from Egypt and finally bringing them to the Promised Land of Israel. The period of judges, United Monarchy, the temple of Jerusalem, the formation of Judah and Israel, the banishment of Jews, their return from the Babylonian exile, the rise and fall of Herod the great, the virgin birth of Jesus, His sermons, miracles and the crucifixion will keep you enchanted until you finish reading this book. The book is a labour of intensive research carried over ten years. The credit of this book does not go to anyone but the almighty God. The revenue generated through the sales of this book will entirely go towards establishing an orphanage in India for 1000 children. Therefore, buying and reading this book is a charity. 


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Satyajeet A. Setumadhavan

Satyajeet A. Setumadhavan has worked in print media for 10 years. He is a graphic artist, activist, humanitarian and philanthropist. He worked for Indian Railways and bagged many awards for excellence. He is a prolific reader and loves to write on various subjects. He is currently authoring a book titled Hebrews versus Hindus.