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Hindu Dieties

by Sanjana Butala

Format: Paperback

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About the Book

Have you ever wondered why Shiva wears the Rudraksha?
Did you ever wish to know the meanings of Lord Ganesha’s names?
Have you ever thought how to teach your child about Hindu Gods?
Or maybe even wanted to learn at least the common Hindu deities and their special attributes?

Well then my friend, you’ve picked the right book.
Hindu Deities has evolved out of the need to give youngsters today a new approach to following religion. This book is not just for praising traditional customs, but also to show today’s youth that god has not a single name.
This tome discusses various aspects of different Gods and Goddesses. It deals with their shrines, appearances and significance of a variety of divinities. It aims to create awareness amongst the adolescents that Hindu religion is a very vast piece of a gigantic culture that we have been practicing from ages.
This is my first book. I have compiled 21 poems in it as it is believed that this is an auspicious number. With the name of the lord on my tongue and the support of all these role models I ask you to flip the page and start reading on with my first adventure.



Hindu Dieties





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