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 How to manage your retirement corpus is a must-read financial guide for retirees and for individuals approaching retirement soon. Retirement challenges us like nothing else. Retirement empowers us to reinvent our Lives and our Finances. The future after retirement is a blank slate akin to an 18-year-old. You can start afresh and write whatever you want, but you need money for everything and that is limited. You need a financial plan to make the most of the income and savings that you have available, make sure it lasts your lifetime and there is some inheritance left for your kids too. This book is all about achieving these goals through astute investment strategies. You will find answers to these FAQs here - How to manage your limited Retirement corpus? How much monthly expense fits my current Retirement corpus? How much investment risk should I take on my Retirement corpus? Do I need Health Insurance? What are the options for regular income after retirement? How different is investment planning before & after Retirement?

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Yadnya Investments

Parimal Ade, Co-Founder, Yadnya Investment Academy

Parimal has been associated with the financial industry for the last fifteen years. His expertise is in Stock Market, Personal Finance and Retirement Planning space. He has provided Investment Management and Financial Planning services for hundreds of clients.

Parimal is a proven expert in Personal Finance with an exceptional track record. He loves imparting his knowledge to others and frequently takes lectures on various topics of Personal Finance. During his lectures and interactions with his clients and investors, he gets a frequent question from retirees - How to manage their retirement corpus in such a way such that risk is low and it lasts more than their lifetime?

He is the Author of other popular book 108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP.

Gaurav Jain, CEO, Yadnya Investment Academy

As a SEBI RIA, Gaurav has helped many clients with financial planning and investment advice. As CEO of Yadnya, he dedicates most of his time in simplifying Financial concepts for Indian investors. He is an ardent reader of Financial theories and has conceptualized a popular personal finance YouTube channel ‘Yadnya Investment Academy’ which has more than 1000 videos on various personal finance topics. 

He is the Co-Author of popular book 108 Questions & Answers on Mutual Funds & SIP.



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