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IIRF Strategic Yearbook 2022-23

Author Name: IIRF | Format: Hardcover | Other Details

Strategy today is a complex field, totally modern, partially digital, and technologically challenging, encompassing a global dimension of war or near-war situations.

This IIRF Yearbook is a one-stop terminal for all strategic activity worldwide that occurred or is relevant for the past year. It is a treasure trove of information addressing the needs of everyone.

The Yearbook rightly commences with an overview of the year. The following Section is on the Strategic Scenario and covers neighbourhood and larger global challenges. The next Section covers Doctrinal Thinking in India. The following Section covers nuclear warfare and the international and South Asian scenarios. The following Section is on Grey Zone Warfare. It covers the conceptual basis and practical scenarios. After covering thematic topics, the book moves on to specific regional issues facing India. There is a section on Continental Challenges. It covers South Asia, East Asia, and Eurasia. It includes military, environmental, infrastructure and political threats. The following Section is on Maritime Affairs and covers the entire Indo-Pacific from the Indian and the Pacific Oceans, including Oceania and the North American Pacific coast. Finally, the book has a section on Geoeconomics and covers national, regional, and global challenges facing India.

The book is in colour print on gloss paper. Charts, diagrams, and illustrations make the text easily readable and comprehendible.

Verily, this Yearbook is a rare, essential, and valuable reference book on Global Strategic Affairs for all soldiers, politicians, bureaucrats, media personnel, researchers, and students of Strategic Affairs worldwide.

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The Indus International Research Foundation has been in existence since 14 Jan 2021. Indus International Research Foundation is a Bangalore-based organisation in Delhi-NCR and its overseas centre Dallas Texas. It is part of a global network of scholars, professionals and veterans based in India and abroad. The Foundation focuses primarily on international relations, Indian heritage, political economy, and security studies. 

The last year of 2022 has been tumultuous in more than one way. This yearbook has twenty-three chapters written by experts including armed forces veterans, bankers, and scholars on various important topics. These could create a more extensive dialogue among policymakers, legislators, diplomats, academics, and leadership at various levels of government and the economy. 



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