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Author Name: Pavithra S Urs, Sanjeev Himachali | Format: Paperback | Genre : Business, Investing & Management | Other Details

"The Essence of Experience: A Journey Through the Layers of Beliefs and Values"

From personal histories to organizational cultures, this book peels back the layers that define who we are and where we're headed. Uncover the symphony of perspectives, experiences, and invaluable lessons that come from the fusion of individual uniqueness and organizational identity.

"Stories That Shape Success: Navigating the Professional Landscape with Pavithra and Sanjeev"

Embark on a voyage through the diverse experiences of seasoned professionals. These stories, deeply rooted in real-world encounters, provide the wisdom and guidance needed to make informed decisions and achieve your aspirations in the dynamic realm of management.

"Crafting Success Through Stories: Lessons for Aspiring Managers"

Stories are the mirrors reflecting the essence of human experiences. Discover the transformative power of these narratives as they illuminate your path in the professional world. These experiences aren't just tales but the guiding light to your own success.

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Pavithra S Urs, Sanjeev Himachali

Pavithra S Urs stands as a pioneering force, molding HR strategies seamlessly in line with organizational goals. Her visionary prowess converts strategies into actionable blueprints, breathing life into ambitious objectives. Drawing from vast global experience, she counsels CEOs on pivotal realms like succession planning and empowering business leaders for expansive career growth. Her precision spans scrutinizing turnover rates and assessing wellness program effectiveness, highlighting the pivotal role metrics play in success. Advocating for the human essence in HR, Pavithra champions integrity, extending her impact beyond the professional realm as a columnist and advocate. 

Sanjeev, a distinguished Global HR Leader with over two decades of experience, excels in Executive Search, sourcing top-tier leaders worldwide. His career spans corporate and consulting spheres, crafting strategic HR initiatives fueling organizational growth. Proficient in HR Strategy, Compensation, Performance Management, and Change Initiatives, he elevates HR's pivotal role in success. Sanjeev transforms HR strategies into actionable frameworks, driving tangible effectiveness.