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Jesus Christ - Who is He?

Author Name: John Manohar Rajan | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

If I were to ask you if you know Jesus Christ, you will answer, “yes”. Who doesn't know Jesus Christ, right? He is universally known. Yet, when asked, “who is Jesus Christ?” there is no unanimous answer. Some claim Jesus was a good moral teacher, some a miracle worker and others a good man. Many people for ages continue to assume Jesus to be very many things that he never claimed to be.


Strange, isn’t it?


The question is, who then is Jesus? Who did he claim to be? And more importantly, "Is he really who he claimed to be?"


This book, Jesus Christ - Who is He? guides you through who Jesus claimed himself to be, and shows you proof from the Scriptures and otherwise that his claim was indeed true.

I welcome to see for yourself, Jesus Christ - who is he?

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John Manohar Rajan

Brother John Manohar Rajan is a Bible teacher and an author. Along with this book, he has also authored other books, one of which is ‘The Consolidated Gospel of Jesus Christ the Son of God’, through which he has brought out the consolidated version of Gospel accounts. This effort enables the truth to emerge by merging the Gospel details - thus making an interesting read. He has also authored Biblical Timeline which is a very useful Bible study tool for every diligent student of The Holy Bible. Brother Rajan resides with his family in Chennai, South India. He travels to preach on invitation.