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Knowing The Truth

Author Name: Peter Kamaleshwar Singh | Format: Paperback | Genre : Religion & Spirituality | Other Details

“What is truth?” — Pontius Pilate had asked Jesus. We all have a lot of questions to ask in life.

Knowing the Truth has tried to answer some of the questions  just to let the reader understand the attributes of God. In this book, there are different writings that shed light on different types of problems and realities in life. ‘The Enemy’ deals with the real but unseen enemy, Satan — his doings, advantages of being unseen and practical insights into overcoming the temptations. ‘The Vine and the Branches’ deals with understanding the purpose of being human, in terms of the Creator's expectations of fruitfulness. The other side of King David is to explain the weaknesses of being in the  body. It helps us understand the vulnerability we face in the world. God loves us and forgives us for our sinful behaviour, to explain a few things that we face in life.

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Peter Kamaleshwar Singh

Peter Kamaleshwar Singh was born and brought up in a village of southern plains called Terai. He moved to Katmandu in 1963 to study Engineering at Nepal Engineering School. In 1965, Peter, after hearing the Gospel, started studying the book of  Mathew in the New Testament. He was convicted of  his sins, confessed,  repented and prayed to have the Lord Jesus in his heart. Soon he realized his heart was washed clean with the blood of Jesus. This experience changed his life. In the time when baptism was an act against the law in Nepal, the Lord  led Peter to be baptized. Being zealous for Jesus Peter began to witness and started  preaching in Asan, Bhotahity in Kathmandu. After two years  he was  transferred to Pokhara in 1967.

 After working for two years there in 1969, he was transferred to Jumla, a remote town in North West Nepal with no roads.  Working there for about four and a half years he resigned from the Govt. job in 1973, as the Lord led him to Allahabad Bible Seminary. But in beginning of 1974, his father’s illness made him discontinue his studies and come back home. After a few months his father expired and Peter had to bear the family responsibilities. The villagers wanted him to do the Hindu rituals but because of his parents’ faith and his own, he refused to do any rituals. As a result his family was driven out of the village. After much prayer, the Lord led them to Birganj and gave him a job at the local Sugar Factory. Being in a pastoral ministry for more than 30 years, Peter has started writing in Nepali and English. He is an acknowledged and gifted teacher of the Word. Peter and his wife, Sharda, have five grown-up children, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.