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Life Fact

Author Name: Harshit Goyal(Lucifer) | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details
This book is totally for knowledge about life. You will get to know about the different facts of life. These facts will improve your life and when you will apply these facts in your daily life you will see the change in your way of living. This will give you the knowledge about various topics like ghosts, science, nature, magic, and others.
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Harshit Goyal(Lucifer)

This book is written by Harshit Goyal under a pen name Lucifer. He is a student and it’s his second book. His first book was “Journey with a demon” and had gained much popularity. His first book was based on his journey with ghosts. He is a person who uses to explore the world and gain knowledge about the entire world. He is always eager to know about outer space.