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Little Black Book of Poems

Author Name: Nabia Yusuf | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This book is not for the whole-hearted, happy and strong. This book is for the broken-hearted, the rejected and the lonely. I hope that you find some solace in knowing that your tears and grief fuel the words of poets everywhere.

Onyx, Jade, Sable and Charcoal,
Are synonymous with a colourless vacuum:
A nothingness which unifies the universe, making it whole;
A nonexistence which exists from womb to tomb!

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Nabia Yusuf

Nabia Yusuf is a software engineer who is passionate about writing. An avid reader and poetry enthusiast, she loves the works of Robert Frost and hopes to someday be inducted into the literary circle.

Nabia has been fascinated with words since she was a little girl. According to her, words are the cellular units of communication, while the alphabetical letters serve as their energy units.

Writing came naturally to Nabia since she was 10 years old. She always loved looking up fancy words from the dictionaries, often using them in her poems.

This will be her first book.