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Lost Visitors - Full Volume Edition

Author Name: Rushi Nimmala | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

James Watson receives a handbag from an unknown sender, he finds many astonishing things in the bag, and there he is able to perform miracles with it, he receives a phone call from the director of AMED, the secret agency to whom and where the bag actually belongs to, James visits the place to return the bag back to the director, but, there, he meets Emma Carter, the daughter of the owner of the bag, who came there to ask the director to search for her father who is missing for a week, after she finds that the director won’t help, she and James team up with four others, Sreekanth, Mubarak, Vishwa and Rumman, as a crew of six members, they set out to search the clues that were left to Emma by her dad two years ago, in the course, they overcome the most clandestine group of evildoers who were leaded by Rudolf, who wanted to kill James for a secret purpose.

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Rushi Nimmala

Born in 2006 February, Rushi Nimmala began to write his tales since he was 11(2017), he was joined in his school a year earlier, and his goal is to become a filmmaker, at the same time, he also had a passion in writing books. He published his first book ‘Fall of Godwin’, and he writes the corresponding books now, and he still works to accomplish his goals.



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