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Author Name: Nishtha Nagar | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details

This is a book for the people who are in love and for love. It is a collection of short poems purely based on love which contains feelings of truth, hope, healing, desires, and togetherness. This major collection of poems is a leading path to connect you with the heart of your lover. Love is a forever thing that exists in the heart of every lover. The feelings hidden inside the poems need to be kept with the hope of togetherness. These poems are a gentle reminder to refresh your loving hearts and discover your appreciating heartbeats in each other's souls. Apart from this, some of these poems indicate major confessions made by lovers for longing and merged relationships. While going to gentle spaces of every poem, there is an open flame of love that can burn your ever loneliness damn to the ground. When you feel low or behind even in love, listen to the comfort of your loving voice, steal the fresh air from the kiss of your lover and let yourself be strong in the depths of sorrow and you will find squares of colors everywhere around you. Read the words through the gaze of your hearts and let your eyes sing silently in the shades of your thoughts.

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Nishtha Nagar

Nishtha Nagar is an Engineering student and a passionate learner. She is fond of reading and writing love genres. Also, she loves to create circles of love and light around to hold a  leading hope of healing, love, and longing happiness.