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Author Name: Vishal Kumaran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Young Adult Fiction | Other Details

“Jean, mum is calling”, said Lucien as he looked up to his brother, Jean, who has returned home after he left for delivering in the morning, now, Jean looked exhausted, he walked into the place which he owned every right to, a woman stood staring at him without moving eyes, her eyes were red as cherry and represented fury, a tsunami of anger is being entrapped in her face, her eyes frowned tightly, and her lips being pressed by her teeth like a cat, as Jean looked silently at her, her anger increased, at once, the woman roared, “you moron, where the hell did you sir went all the day long!” 

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Vishal Kumaran

Jean looked at her innocently, his eyes said one thing, that he is hiding something to her, he whispered calmly, “Mummy, how come you suspect me like this?”  

Lucien who is silent just watched the new conflict that began between his mother and brother, he knew very well what his mother is going to speak next, the woman looked at Jean more ferociously than before, she asked, “oh, then why the piss are your garments very muddy, sir” 

Jean didn’t answer, he knew very well whatever his answer would be, it won’t help him to escape, he just kept silent and he looked down, Lucien, who is still silent, has now started to think that he has got a chance to speak something of his part, he is still silent, he spoke now, “and why did the bread is remaining as it is if you gone for delivering, did you gone for delivery really?” 

Jean stood like a piece of stone and frozen, a sea of guilt is pouring out of his blue, water like eyes, his fresh white skin beamed like diamond, the woman wore a huge white cap and apron and white and wide, like pumpkin, she shouted, “just go and have a bath, dirty gooseberry jam tin!”   

Jean frowned as he heard the phrases, he walked into the bathroom, there was a tub filled with steaming water, he looked into the water, his reflection is very well visible in the water, as he looked some more deeper, he undressed himself, his well-groomed body loomed out of the darkness of the twilight, as he stepped into the water, his soul is filled with a thing which he has hidden all these days, with his family and friends and everyone else



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