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Mahabharata The Eternal Epic in Short Stories

Author Name: Vignes Chandran | Format: Paperback | Genre : Literature & Fiction | Other Details

Ever wanted to read the Mahabharata but never ended up finishing the epic due to the sheer size of the story or the numerous characters that simply overwhelm?

Have you always been curious of who the Pandavas actually were and why the Kauravas hated them so much until they resorted to deception and deceit to get rid of their cousins?

Was Arjuna actually the greatest archer of all time? Or was it only because of favourable circumstances that Arjuna became known as such?

Have you ever wondered how divinity himself, Krishna ended up as Arjuna’s charioteer? And what actually transpired during the battle on the holy lands of Kurukshetra that resulted in us still talking about the Mahabharata more than 5000 years later?

This book will answer all these questions and more. Enjoy the greatest epic of our time, the Mahabharata, in a compact and easy-to-read version that is suitable for all ages.

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Vignes Chandran

Vignes Chandran is a free-spirited director of corporate real estate who finds joy discovering the world through activities such as hiking, diving and exploring ancient civilizations. To date he has visited 80 different countries across the globe and aspires to explore all the nations within the foreseeable future. His other areas of interest include spirituality, history and of course writing, which has always been a passion of his.

‘Mahabharata – The Eternal Epic in Short Stories’ is his first published work, a result of his ambition to make the story of the Mahabharata more accessible to all age groups, especially in this new age when everything moves faster and attention spans are shorter. He is inspired by journeys and experiences of spiritual teachers such as Ramana Maharishi, Swami Ramakrishna, Siddhartha Gautama and his very own guide and confidante, Krishna.

Vignes is primarily based in Malaysia, though also fondly refers to Singapore, India and Bali as home.



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