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MANNEWAR A Tribal Community in India

by Omprakash S Bone

Format: Paperback

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Omprakash S Bone has a long-time acquaintance with the Mannewar Tribals, having researched on them in detail through census researches, a thorough perusal of their ways and customs, census references, historical and anthropological surveys.

The author attempts to bridge the gap by trying to make the tribals aware of their rights and privileges, so as to bring them out of their poverty and illiteracy, ills that keep them moored in their ignorance, especially in the states of Maharashtra, M.P. and Chhattisgarh.

This is a book that will appeal to lovers of history and to all those who strive to fight for tribal rights.

The author is an astrological writer born and brought up in Maharashtra. From childhood, his favorite pursuit was to find out the dynamic problems of the tribal people, and to solve their problems. The author visited different places and took efforts to find out the complete Anthropological survey mentioned in the book. Presently the author is working on a subject titled "Tribal People are the Real Custodians of the Environment".

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