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Midnight Musings A Collection of Odes & Quotes

Author Name: Kay S | Format: Paperback | Genre : Poetry | Other Details


When the night sets in, the world around me sleeps away slipping into dreams, I slip into an abyss where my thoughts flow from a different dimension forming beautiful verses that manifest into a poem or a quote. This book is a result of my rendezvous with the Universe & my Spiritual master. I withdraw within to introspect, to find myself and peace in the silence of my world. Often, human beings ignore the beauty that exists around, be it in the form of creation, art, or what the eyes sees and the heart, soul & mind combinedly perceive. Poetry, I believe, is an intense, intricate, and inimitable language of each soul, unique yet beautiful. I present this to you for, “Words are all I have to present as a gift to thee!”

Human beings endeavor to attain happiness for tomorrow, forgetting it already exists today, as they are busy chasing your evasive tomorrow. The emptiness of abysmally living without a purpose, amassing materialistic wealth can perish if we imbibe certain virtues such as tolerance, acceptance, compassion and empathy. The attempt of this book is to jostle your mind, cajole your senses, soothe the soul, rake emotions, awaken the kid within while making you smile, laugh, cry, ponder and then become silent to introspect within. This book, written from deep within the soul of a writer who lives life with a higher purpose will take you through myriad moods, emotions, circumstances, feelings, relationships, the everything & nothingness of the universe.

Always remember when there is utter silence, the voice of your soul shall be audible because silence speaks through art, music, creation, the soul, mind, eyes, tears, laughter, happiness, sadness, and then yes, through WORDS!

May your musings speak the language of your soul through, “Midnight Musings.” Happy Reading!


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Kay S

Kay S is a serial entrepreneur, a corporate professional, motivational speaker, and a mentor with innovation as a mantra for every aspect in life.  She is also a single mother, a seagull and a humanist who is a constant support and inspiration to all. Dedicating the rest of her life to inspire & serve mankind, she believes she is not done until she is really done and thus remains ‘Unfinished!!’



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