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Monograph on Mullerian Dysgenesis.

by Dr.E.C.Sreevalsan

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Mullerian Dysgenesis is a maldevelopment of the Generative tract that mostly goes unnoticed retaining menstruation and childbearing function. Until there is no cavity. In this category, (< 1 % is the incidence), there are no changes after birth, and they cannot menstruate. Their life is one of despair with no hope. Till date, there has been no report of any medical corrective method for this deformation.

In 2005, after getting a Patent (thus preserving the methodology) from the Government of India entitled, ‘A unique combination of Ayurvedic Compounds for correcting a rare form of mullerian dysgenesis’, he started, ‘Correction of mullerian dysgenesis’ at A. G. Hospital, Chromepet, as a prospective patent on the first of April in 2005.

Till date, 20 cases (18 without cavity) have undergone corrections, 17 of which have developed a cavity, three have attained menarche (first period), and five have entered into matrimony. This is the first medical option for this condition. It is our fervent hope that this regime will help them re-join the mainstream.

Dr E. C. Sreevalsan got his primary medical qualification (GCIM) from the Government College of Integrated Medicine in Ayurveda after getting a B. A. degree. He then joined the Tamil Nadu Medical Service. During his tenure, he was an M. D. and D. G. O. and retired in 1991, as Addl. Professor of Obs., and Gyn., from Madras Medical College.

After retirement, he has been engaged in research involving ayurvedic compounds on two conditions for which, Allopathy has no treatment – Azoospermia and Mullerian Dysgenesis.

He has sown his creative oats in a book of poems that has been published, entitled ‘A Bouquet of Verses’.



Monograph on Mullerian Dysgenesis.





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