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Author Name: Mr. Bunty Aggarwal | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

The Motivational Story given here, if you implement it, then you will get such success and will get it on such a large scale which you would not have imagined even in your dreams. Success will bring you many benefits in your personal life - your family will respect you more, your friends and colleagues will start admiring you, you will be more useful, you will have prestige, popularity, more salary and you will live a better lifestyle. Will be able to enjoy.

It is your responsibility to teach yourself. No one else will stand on your head and tell you what to do and how to do it. This book will show you the way, but you and only you can understand yourself. Only you can command yourself that you will follow the principles set forth in this book. Only you can evaluate your progress. When you deviate a little from your path, only you can correct your mistake and come to the right path. One thing out of a hundred, you have to make yourself capable so that you can achieve the greatest success.

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Mr. Bunty Aggarwal

In any motivational story - and that is the goal of this book too - three things should happen. It should contain content - that is, what to do. Let's do . Secondly, it should have a method - that is, how and thirdly it should pass the acid test - that is, it should give results.

 Your personal life of success is about studying the attitudes and techniques of successful people about what to do. How do they make themselves successful? How do they face and overcome obstacles? How do they get the respect of others? What is it that sets them apart from ordinary people? How do successful people think?




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