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My Learning Journal Fun and Colorful Preschool Learning Journal | All About Me | Self-Portrait |My Family | My Hand Print | My Foot Print | My Voice | Learning Story | Block Play | Water Play | Sand Play | Nature Play |

Author Name: Farah Rustom | Format: Paperback | Genre : Educational & Professional | Other Details

My Learning Journal

"My Learning Journal" is a fun and colorful preschool journal that encourages children to explore and learn about themselves and the world around them. It includes a variety of activities such as creating a self-portrait, tracing their hands and footprints, recording their voice, and sharing stories about their family. The journal also features sections on different types of play, including block play, water play, sand play, and nature play. Children can express their creativity through drawing and painting, as well as playing music. The journal even includes an evaluation section where children can reflect on what they have learned through reading. With "My Learning Journal," children will have a blast while developing important skills such as self-awareness, creativity, and critical thinking. Get your copy today and watch your child's love for learning to grow! Don't forget to check out @bookclubselfhelp for more great resources on personal growth and development. 

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Farah Rustom

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All About the Author:

With her diverse background, Rustom is able to provide unique insights and perspectives in her training sessions and speeches. Her expertise in administrative and HR management allows her to effectively train individuals and teams on best practices for employee relations, conflict resolution, and performance management. As a computer specialist, she is able to offer training on various software programs and technology tools that are essential in today's digital age. Rustom's passion for teaching and helping others has led her to also become a mentor for young professionals seeking guidance in their careers. Her dedication to continuous learning and development is evident in her pursuit of advanced certifications and degrees. Overall, Rustom's experience, knowledge, and passion make her a valuable asset to any organization or individual seeking professional growth and development.