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Mystic Tales

Author Name: Joydeep | Format: Paperback | Genre : Children & Young Adult | Other Details

A monk foretells a king's death. A venomous snake pays a price for non-violence. A sage is in a dilemma over his compassion for animals. A cobbler remembers his past life. Why does a blind man come to see his lord? A monkey drives a scientist out of his laboratory...this is a random compilation of thirty-one tales, anecdotes and experiences that intrigue, enthral, amuse and make us ponder. These tales from the Puranas, folklores and the epics, from the lucid allegories of Sri Ramakrishna to the revealing experiences of Swami Paramananda, provide deep insights and glimpses of elusive truths beyond the layers of mundane reality. They dabble with unresolved questions of life, like the conflict between free will and destiny, effort and surrender. A few explore the concepts of time and dimensions, prejudices and insecurities while others are about love and faith. Bereft of fuss the tales are told with simplicity and wit. They entertain and startle, but above all, they make us reflect and rejoice.

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Born in Lubeck, Germany, Joydeep grew up in Kolkata with a passion for literature and theatre. His deep quest for a spiritual identity drew him away from the mainstream till he met his guru and mentor, Swami Paramananda. He was reborn into a wholly new perspective and twenty-eight years later he considers himself a ‘traveller,’ a seeker of truth. He travels and talks, inspires and guides people from all walks of life to a spiritual vision and freedom. He writes extensively on various aspects of life and contributes regularly for periodicals. He has published six books, three in Bengali and three in English, which are translations of Swami Paramananda’s works. In 2011 he established a spiritual retreat, Maramia in Azimganj Murshidabad where he presently lives and works.



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